Firearm Lesson Programs and Training

Basic Pistol Class For The New Shooter Or Novice

Requirements – Handgun and 250 Rounds of Ammunition.

2-day course that includes the following:

  • Day 1- Classroom and Hands-on Training
    • Types of handguns
    • Cycles of function and operation of a handgun
    • Types of action
    • Ammunition and basic ballistics
    • Types of malfunctions
      • Handgun
      • Ammunition
    • Corrective actions for a malfunction
    • Firearm safety and rules of the range
    • Marksmanship principals
    • Care and maintenance of your handgun
    • Dry fire
    • Live familiarization fire
  • Day 2 – Range Operations
    • Build on proper marksmanship
    • Static fire from various distances
    • Complete the State firearm qualification used for the license to carry course

License To Carry Plus Class

Requirements – Handgun and 200 rounds of ammunition

This course is not mandatory (but highly recommended) for those that want to take the State required License to Carry Course.  This training is designed for those that wish to improve their marksmanship abilities or have little experience shooting a handgun.  Topics included are marksmanship building skills along with the Texas License to Carry Course.

License to Carry Class

Requirements – Handgun with at Least 50 Rounds of Ammunition.

Course required to apply for a Texas License to Carry permit for concealed and open carry in Texas. This is an approximately a 6-hour course that requires a minimum of 4-hours of classroom time.  The student must pass a multiple-choice test and demonstrate proficiency with their handgun in order to apply for the license.

Violent Encounter Survival Training (V.E.S.T) Course$200

Please contact us if you wish to provide this seminar to your group.

This course is classroom-based and designed to provide you with a strategic approach to assess your surroundings, identify threats, know how your body will process the encounter and how to mitigate and survive any encounter and ultimately protect yourself and your loved ones.

Topics of lecture

  • Awareness
  • Preparedness
  • Mitigation
  • Physical fitness
  • Safety
  • Recovery
  • After care
  • WIN

Basic Shotgun for Home Defense Class

One-day Course

Requirements – Pump or Semi-Automatic Shotgun (12 or 20 gauge) with 50 Rounds of 00 buck and 10 rounds of slugs.

This course is designed for the person with little of no experience with a shotgun.  Intermediate shooters are also welcome to refine their abilities.

Topics covered:

  • Function and operation
  • Cycle of function
  • Types of ammunition and basic ballistics
  • Loading and unloading
  • Types of malfunctions and corrective actions
  • Care and Maintenance
  • Use of force for the home
  • Basic marksmanship skills
  • Shotgun patterns at various distances
  • How to use cover
  • Manipulating shotgun and emergency reloads
  • Complete basic shotgun qualification course

Intermediate Handgun Class

Two-day Course

This course is designed for those that have basic marksmanship and firearm handling skills.

Requirements – Handgun, an Outside the Pants Holster, and 500 Rounds of Ammunition.

Topics covered:

  • Managing a violent encounter
  • Use of Force-case law
  • Casualty care
    • Self-aid and buddy-aid
  • Self-defense ammunition and basic ballistics
  • Range safety
  • Diagnosing shooting errors (state of the art diagnostics)
  • Drawing from the holster
  • Shooting at various distances and refining marksmanship skills
    • Bullseye and multiple target acquiring (rapid fire)
  • How to use cover properly
    • Corners
    • Various barriers
  • Types of moving and shooting
    • S. and Israeli methods
  • Cover drills and rescue drills
  • Principals of low light shooting
  • Shooting from various positions
    • Standing
    • Kneeling
    • Prone
    • Fetal or while on your back
  • Shoot modified law enforcement qualification courses
    • See how well you would do

Fun Day at the Range
(5 Person min. Class Size to Book a Class)

Come out and work on the skills you wish to improve.  Bring your pistol, shotgun and/or carbine to get some extra time working on your skills.  We can help you zero your long guns, diagnose shooting errors, give you drills to work on, have fun shooting steel and hangout with other that enjoy shooting.  We will also have some friendly competition for those that wish to test their abilities.

Fundamentals of Clay Shooting

A personal program and training is designed for the person to work on what is important to them. We will work on improving accuracy, speed and tactics with personal training.

Personal Program and Training Individual: $250.00

2 people couple: $300.00

Group up to four people a session: $350.00

A session is no longer than 90 minutes.