Intermediate Handgun Class


Two-day course

This course is designed for those that have basic marksmanship and firearm handling skills.

Requirements – handgun, an outside the pants holster, and 500 rounds of ammunition.

Topics covered:

            • Managing a violent encounter
            • Use of Force-case law
            • Casualty care
              • Self-aid and buddy-aid
            • Self-defense ammunition and basic ballistics
            • Range safety
            • Diagnosing shooting errors (state of the art diagnostics)
            • Drawing from the holster
            • Shooting at various distances and refining marksmanship skills
              • Bullseye and multiple target acquiring (rapid fire)
            • How to use cover properly
              • Corners
              • Various barriers
            • Types of moving and shooting
              • S. and Israeli methods
            • Cover drills and rescue drills
            • Principals of low light shooting
            • Shooting from various positions
              • Standing
              • Kneeling
              • Prone
              • Fetal or while on your back
            • Shoot modified law enforcement qualification courses
              • See how well you would do


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