Basic Handgun for the New or Novice Shooter Class (2-Day Course)


Requirements – handgun and 250 rounds of ammunition.

2-day course that includes the following:

  • Day 1- classroom and hands-on training
    • Types of handguns
    • Cycles of function and operation of a handgun
    • Types of action
    • Ammunition and basic ballistics
    • Types of malfunction
      • Handgun
      • Ammunition
    • Corrective actions for a malfunction
    • Firearm safety and rules of the range
    • Marksmanship principals
    • Care and maintenance of your handgun
    • Dry fire
    • Live familiarization fire
  • Day 2 – range operations
    • Build on proper marksmanship
    • Static fire from various distances
    • Complete the State firearm qualification used for the license to carry course


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