We are the last of our kind and the first of something greater! From a couple living in their 10 x 12 office sleeping on a camping pad and using all resources and hours of the day to keep the lights on to a place where people come to become the strongest and most skilled version of themselves. Our plan was to build a community so busy living, learning and jumping into the present that they break free of worry from the judgment of others through shear self confidence.

This venture, born from sheer suffering, with determination, perseverance and constant application of new knowledge and experiences, gradually matured into more than even we envisioned, and could only be brought about through taking steps of faith day after day.

Now we continue marching forward with gratitude and expectation of building something much larger than ourselves. A majority of our staff have been our very own long time members turned team members. Our driving force is the realization that through our own journeys of self exploration and self improvement we can bring a team of people together to make a bigger impact on the world and those who are in pursuit of their own dreams, passions, peace, confidence and freedom.

This Is Us

We are a family owned and operated facility, one of the last of our kind of the mom and pop shops in America.

We welcome hard work, dead lifts, struggle and positive vibes!

When we say "thank you" it's not a rehearsed corporate training program. It's truly saying thank you for supporting our small family and understanding with every move we make in the gym we are focused on creating a unique, fun and energizing environment that will trigger the transformation you are seeking on your fitness journey.


Our mission is to build an environment where people come to use their fears and failures as fuel and energy to unapologetically grow, change, and find self-confidence to be oneself and ultimately find true strength and success.